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Icons for Testing

Title: Yeah
Artist: Same Thing
Genre: Empthy
Warnings: None.
Pages: 0
Type: Manga

many things are destroying me.Collapse )

my head hurts

I started this to keep track of my migraines (before realising you can't backdate communities!) and then decided I'd wait before deleting it. Then I had ideas of making it A Migraine Community, but I'm a horrible PR person.

So, anyway, I have a headache. Most likely. I've tried numerous medications, meditations, homeopathic remedies (those HEAD-ON things feel good; whether they 'work' in the traditional 'cure my pain' sense is debatable. Nothing against homeopathy in theory... >_>) yoga, hot baths, cold baths, compresses, herbs, home remedies, ancient Chinese secrets, old tricks from the Middle East, something 'my mom' used to do, 'Hey I get headaches, have you tried Tylenol?' and what ever else you have to offer. One thing I've yet to try, however, is letting out the evil spirits. I haven't found the right flint spear for that.

I'm an audiophobe when it comes to migraines, but I like my music loud. It's my HEAD that hurts, not my ears.

testing ground. stand back.